Best Software Testing Training Institutes In Ahmedabad

Every Student wants to grow a career in their respective field and worried about their future. Many of them asked the same question which field is the best after graduation.There are a number of options available for the students to shine his/her future but choose that in which you are interested.If you interested in bug solving then the software testing course is for you.

Software testing is the method of solving errors from the software and web application. It is one of the best career options for the leaners.There are two types of it. First is manual testing in which tester checks the software manually.The second is automation testing also known as test automation in which testers needs to write a script in the software for test the product.

Freshers not able to get the job directly in this field because of low knowledge. For this, they required professional training which is provided by ExcelPTP. It is a part of Amar Technolabs PVT LTD provides software testing training in Ahmedabad for the students. Our qualified software testers will give this training so that every trainee can able to understand the concepts very well.

In this professional software testing course syllabus, first we learn about fundamentals of software testing like why it is required and What is software quality assurance (SQA)? etc. After this leaners aware about SDLC(software development life cycle),static techniques,Test Design Techniques,Test Management,Tool Support for Testing and Introduction to Quality Center.

Finally,Every student will work live with our QA testers so that they can able to understand each and every thing practically.After completion of professional training period, we arrange interview schedule for every trainee and prepare them for it. In addition,we provide 100% job guarantee on paper so that students feels security for their career.


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