Best PHP Training Company For Job Placement Freshers Graduates

There are innumerable career options available for the IT students to shine future but everyone is confused about which is the best for themselves. If you are interested in web programming then you can choose web development and design field.

Nowadays, PHP is the widely used server-side scripting language for the web application development. More than 78% websites are build on this platform so you can think its popularity and usage. Facebook is also creating in PHP language. PHP is one of the best career options for the student and provides a strong platform for the grow future.

Freshers are not able to get a job directly on this field because every IT company prefer to hire experienced PHP developer who has detail knowledge. So freshers require professional PHP training Company by which they can learn practically and can get a job easily.

ExcelPTP is an IT training company and a part of AMAR Technolabs PVT LTD which provides PHP training with job Ahmedabad.Here every student is trained under the consultation of our expert PHP Programmers so that they can understand every concept practically.In addition, we provide 100% job guarantee on paper after training. We provide job placement in reputed IT companies so that students can get a direct job in this field.

Syllabus Of Professional PHP Training :

Introduction to dynamic websites
What is PHP?
What is Apache?
Server Side vs. Client Side Scripting
What is MySQL Database?
Why choose PHP and MySQL
Installing PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache web server

  PHP Programming:
PHP Syntax
Hello world String
PHP variables and data types
PHP Operators
Conditional statements using If, else & Switch
Creating Arrays
Numeric Arrays
Associative Arrays
Array() Construct
PHP For and While Loops
Server Side Includes (SSI)

  PHP Functions:
Defining your own PHP functions
Functions Parameters
Function return value
Calling a function
PHP Built-in Functions
PHP Date and String functions

  PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP):
Create a Class
Constructor and destructor

  HTML Forms and PHP:
What is Form
Form elements, Textbox, Textarea, select menu, file attachment, submit and reset button
Form action and method
How to send form data
How to capture and display form data
URL Parameters

  PHP Global Variables:

  MySQL Database:
Database concepts & RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)
Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
Creating ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)
Understanding phpMyAdmin
What are MySQL data types
Creating and Editing Database and Tables
Primary key
Foreign key
Inserting Data in tables
Updating data
Deleting data
Selecting data
Searching for data using SQL Wildcards
Using group functions
MySQL built-in functions
Using table joins
Equi Join & Left Join multiple tables

  Create Dynamic Pages using PHP and MySQL:
Connect PHP with MySQL
Insert web page data into database
Update data from web pages
View dynamic data on web pages
How to delete data from web pages

  How to setup a website development project:
Project Structure
Folder and File Structure
Database design

  Project 1: Build a Contact us Email Form:
Create Form on web page
Accept data
Mail function

  Project 2: Build a Login system:
Create a login page
Connect login page to database
Validate login data
Creating PHP Security using session

  Project 3: Build an online shop backend CMS:
Database for shopping cart website
Add Product page
Upload product image
View products
Delete product from catalog
Update products
View customers
View online orders

  Project 4: Create an E-commerce shopping cart website:
E-commerce website design
Create a home page
Build a product search
Display e-commerce catalog
Create a basket page
Add items to basket page
Update items quantity in basket
remove items from the basket
Customer checkout
Register customer details
Save Customer online order
Understand online transaction

We guide one of following open source CMS(content management system) and framework on your performance :
Zend framework
CakePHP framework

  Project 5: work with one live website as per clients requirement
Live project Work with Developer
Expert Guidelines:
Discussion with Experts
Interview tips
Problem resolution with experts
Shared your failed Interview experience with team and experts If any
Placement process start.
Experience Certificates



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