Best Android Project Training Classes In Ahmedabad

Android Technology growing nowadays In today’s world, you can’t walk down the street without spotting a mobile device, and each of the billions of smartphones and tablets out there runs one of several different mobile operating systems.

Android App Development provides a strong platform for your career. Freshers are not able to get a job directly in this field because of less amount of knowledge. They must require professional training so that they can make prepare themselves to work practically in this field.ExcelPTP is an IT training and placement company which provides android training in Ahmedabad with 100% job guarantee on paper. Our Experienced android developers will give this training so that every candidate will get live project training as a fresher and can able to understand each and every concept easily.

Profession Android Course Syllabus :

Introduction with android:
Application fundamentals
Understanding project creation and structure
Working with the AndroidManifest.XML file
Creating and managing activities
Using explicit intents
Using implicit intents
Creating and using resources
Understanding security and permissions
Debugging an app
Activities and tasks
Components and layouts

Working with resources:
Android layouts and views
Handling user interaction events
Grouping, accessing of resources

Creating menus:
Styles and themes
Creating dialogs
Adding menus and icons

Notifying the users:
Debugging android applications
Intent and intent filters
Toast, Status bar, dialog notification

Multimedia in android:
Multimedia supported audio formats
Simple media playback
Supported video formats

SQL database:
Introducing SQLite
SQLite open helper and creating a database
Opening and closing a database

Basic content providers:
Content provider mime types
Searching for content
Adding, changing, and removing content

Graphics and Animations:
Drawing graphics in android
Drawing with XML
Canvas drawing best practice

Programmatically creating animations
Introducing tweened animations
Applying tweened animations

Accessing android hardware:
Using the media APIs
Using the camera
Using the accelerometer and compass
Using Bluetooth

Expert Guidelines:
Live project Work with Developer
Expert Guidelines
Discussion with Experts
Interview tips
Problem resolution with experts
Shared your minimum 5 failed Interview experience with team and experts
Placement process start
Experience Certificates

After completion of syllabus, we assign project definition to every trainee with a specific time deadline. During this, our android programmers help students so that they can make some innovative work in their project.

After training, We arrange interview schedule for the students so that they can get a direct job in reputed IT company. We make prepare themselves for the interview so that they can perform well.


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