Top IT Certifications Courses List For Freshers and graduates

Frequently asked a question by graduate students (IT, Commerce, Arts, Science), which is the platform gives more security for his/her career. The best answer for this question is choose that field in which you are interested because without this you can not perform very well in any field.

There is a list of career options available for IT students for under and after graduations. Some of the best courses, I want to discuss here, which can make his/her future shine.

1) Android Course

Android Technology growing nowadays and it provides a strong platform for your career. If you are interested in coding and have skillful knowledge in Objective-C language and JAVA then choose an Android course for your future.

best Android training courses

Why Android Training?

  •  High salary Growth for fresher students
  •  Android is popular language nowadays so large job opportunity and high career growth
  •  Open Source Development So does not require Extra cost For development After Training
  •  Easy to integrate and learn for students

Android course includes topics on how to compose, develop and build apps for Android. The Android Training program takes a student from the basics of Android programming to creating small and large Android apps. The Android Course not only teaches the student how to program, produce, design and visualize Android apps but also details on how to sell them on the Android marketplace.

2) iPhone Course

As per the increase the usage and features of iPhone, it gains more popularity on mobile application platform. iOS is a mobile operating system which is developed and organized by Apple. If you are interested in objective c programming and coding then iOS apps development is the best option for you.

In this course, The student will learn about the XCode, iOS Simulator, iOS SDK tools which are used in the development process of the iPhone application.

iphone training courses

Xcode: It is a software unit which is utilized by the iOS developers to code software for MAC Operating System X. You would use a language such as C++, Objective-C or Java.

iOS Simulator: It permits you to quickly prototype and test builds of your app throughout the procedure of development. It runs on MAC system and acts such as standard MAC application while simulating iPhone, iPad, Wearable or Apple TV environment.

iOS SDK: Software development Kit of iOS permits users to build apps for iPhone devices. This SDK includes Xcode IDE, Instruments, iPhone simulator, compilers, analysis tools, frameworks and samples and much more.

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3) PHP Course

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor and it is a server-side scripting language which is mainly used for web development and design purpose. More than 78% websites are built on this platform so you can think its popularity and usage.

If you have interested in programming and good knowledge of HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS, and object-oriented language then you can select PHP as your career partner.

PHP Training

This course completely explains how to design, develop and launch a web application on the web server. There are a number of PHP development tools available for this process.

4) Business Analyst Course

A Business Analyst in IT Sector is someone who analyzes business domain (real or hypothetical) and makes documents of its Organization or processes or systems, assessing the Business model by Creating SRS, WireFrames, DFD, ERD or its integration with technology.


business analyst development executive courses


This course explains four types of business analysis:

  • Strategic planning – to identify the organization’s business needs
  • Business model analysis – to define the organization’s policies and market approaches
  • Process design – to standardize the organization’s workflows
  • Systems analysis – the interpretation of business rules and requirements for technical systems (generally within IT)

The role of a business analyst can also be defined as a bridge between the business problems and the technology solutions. Here business problems can be anything about business systems.

5) SEO

SEO(search engine optimization) is the process for increasing the clarity of the website over the search engine result pages. Without proper SEO your website would not appear very well on the Google search result. So it’s one of the best computer course for the students who wants his/her career growth in the future.

SEO Training courses

This course explains how to optimize the website for search engines. There are mainly Two methods used for this.

i) On page SEO: In this, All the activities related to site optimization is done inside the scene of the web application.

ii) Off page SEO: In this, All the SEO activities are done outside the boundary of the website.

Final Note:

Here are all major subject described in which you can start your career as a fresher. This details may help you to choose the best field in your niche. There are a number of institutions provides this course but we suggest ExcelPTP, is an IT training company which allows live project as well as practical training for this courses.

If you still have any query regarding this information, then you can comment below and ask me. Your feedback will be appreciated!


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