Best Android Project Ideas For The Final Year Engineering Students

Android is a Linux-based mobile operating system which is used in more the 200+ billion smartphones. It is one of the best career options for the student and that is the reason why students are crazy behind the Android App Development field.

This blog shows the information of the project definition for the Android which you should use for your final year project selection. The main aim of this post is to give Android Project Ideas to the beginner and the final year students.

My Advice: if  you not able to get or create an android project then you should get training from any computer training institute who provides complete solution for project like ExcelPTP: android training institute. And if you are ready to develop application in own way then here are list of all latest college project that you can also download with source code free.

Latest Final Year Android Project List 2017

1) Online Shopping Android Project

why-shop-onlineAs per the increase the demand for e-commerce services, You can select this choice. Here You can sell your goods and services using your Android application.

2) Traveling Management system

This android project idea is for traveling business to handle their customer’s trips, customers information, and payment trips details. there are a number of Android apps are available in the google play store, Just download and check. It will inspire and motivate you to develop your Travelling Android project.

3) Bus Management System

This is a simple project that will help those people who are visiting a city first time or they don’t know much about the bus timing. This Project helps people to get information of station location, the bus timings , the bus fare and the number of stations on the route etc.

4) Smart Messaging App

You can build a messaging app like WhatsApp, hike for your final year project. You can add features and functionalities to your app according to your requirement.




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5) App locker Android Project

Mostly people using smart phones nowadays. If you want to hide or you don’t want to share some private information then this app is used. It is the great idea for your project definition.




6) Movie ticket booking system

This app helps you to book movie tickets online. It saves your time and stuff. it gives you all the information about movie’s schedule and upcoming movies.




7) Social Networking Android App

After increasing the usage of social medias like facebook and twitter , this is a most demandable app in the global market by which you can access and use your social account easily. You can build this type of app for your definition.

8) Photo Editing Android App

This type of application helps you to decorate your photos with a number of stickers, backgrounds, and color effects. You can develop your own App by adding latest features.

9) City Guide Android App

This app allows access information related to the city providing the details of Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist places, Movie theaters, providing functionalities like Geolocation, navigation, and reviews.

10) Local Train Ticketing Project

It helps people to book metro tickets and also other local train tickets which reduce the human efforts. You can save your time by using this type of application.

11)  Android Blood Bankandroid-blood-bank

This Android Application Idea solves a problem related to the availability of blood can help people save lives. It shows the details of whether the blood is available or not and if available then at which blood bank.

I hope this information will help beginners to select for final year project definition.


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