New Most Important F1 US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Are you searching for F1 US Visa Interview Questions & Answers then you are at the right place.We mention here us f1 visa interview questions based on frequently asked by the visa officer during us visa exam and us f1 visa experiences.

Every student wants to study in the US and make a career but it is not easy. For this, You must have to apply for US visa. Most of the students have less visa information and due to this, they do not know what is the process and requirement for US student visa.

Today I guide you how to get a visa for the USA and which type of questions should be asked in US visa exam. First of all, You must have to know about what is F1 visa.

what is f1 visa?

f1 visa interview questions and answers 2017

After knowing about F1 visa, you also have to know about the questions which are you face in US visa exam. Students need to be prepared to answer specific, personal questions regarding their plans for study and stay in the USA.

Here I show a list of F1 US Visa Interview Questions & Answers that help you do well in the interview. I categorized this question so you can better understand.

List Of F1 US Visa Interview Questions & Answers


1 College & University Related Questions


2 Bank and Financial Related Questions


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3 Family Related Questions


4 Job-Related Questions


5 General Questions


These samples question you must have to prepare before going to the visa interview. There are mainly three points in which visa officer judge you.


I hope you are now aware of the F1 US Visa Interview Questions & Answers. If you have any query or confusion then you can ask me in a comment below.


15 thoughts on “New Most Important F1 US Visa Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Hii ,
    If parents annual income is 3lacks per annum will they think that student annual income is very low.please let me know


  2. Hello, i want to ask about the F-1 Visa, i got rejected twice. The first time was for unknown reasons, she said i wasn’t qualified, so i applied again. The second time the visa officer said based on your situation, i don’t think you will be coming back. I had all the documents with me, he did not even bother checking them out both times even though my father has a good bank account and wrote me a legalized commitment saying that i will definitely come back after getting my degree. What do you think i should do for the next appointment ? Are there any useful tips ? i definitely want to come back to my home country because it’s here where i want to work. I have my family here, there is no way i want to settle in the US. I just want to finish my bachelor’s degree and come back to work for the police department. Also there is a time limit to apply for that, and it will be exactly when i finish and be back. How do you think i can say that ? Also i did biochemistry in france for 3 years after high school but did not finish because that is not the major i wanted to do. Criminology has always been my primary academic interest of studies. But in france you absolutely have to do a bachelor because specializing in criminology, meaning in masters, something i don’t want to do. Can you please help me ? i have a 3 minute interview. i got to make it count.
    Thank you


  3. Helloo
    I hv a visa interview on October and my fear is I applied only in one university can I hv any problems in getting my visa. Thks


  4. I have passed in visa interview after reading this questions and answers. Thank you so much for provide me this valuable information.


  5. hi, am from Nigeria and i had my interview today which is 31st of October, i was rejected the questions that were asked were 1. which school are going to? 2. what is your highest level of education? which course did you study? why didn’t you take the MBA in a school in Nigeria, why USA? are you married? i said no, do you have children? i said no. and she said am sorry you do not meet the requirement. what do i do? is it because i am not married? when i reapply, can i indicate that i am married? because my marriage few weeks time which will be before the next appointment. or is it that they dont want student to go for MBA again? i dont understand.


  6. Hello,
    I got the admission for doing MS Computer science in university of michigan dearborn winter2016 , but my visa was 2 times rejected in 2015 , I got readmission for Winter 2018 same university, How to face on next Visa interview. please suggest to me.


    1. If you are going for studies, it is the Language Proficiency Test Scores (like TOEFL, IELTS) and admission letter that is needed for a VISA, not the GRE score.

      GRE scores don’t decide your visa acceptance or denial. If you have an offer letter from the university and in the field which is relevant to your study, I don’t see any reason why you would be denied a visa.


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